Hi, my name is Elyse Santilli.

I am a passionate Beautiful You life coach, writer and speaker.

My work is featured internationally on The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Tiny Buddha, Blog Society, Thought Catalog and Tut.com.

My mission

I am passionate about helping beautiful souls like you to:

::   Connect with your inner spirit (your true, divine, beautiful, powerful, creative, loving, joyful nature).

::   Discover your purpose and passions so that you can create a beautiful and fulfilling life you love.

::   Increase your self-love and happiness with simple tools and wisdom, to help you heal your heart and master your mind.

I am inspired by personal development, philosophy, spirituality, metaphysics, A Course In Miracles, Taoism, the Sanskrit language, the Bhagavad Gita, Advaita Vendanta, and the poet Rumi.

Because I believe there is one truth beneath them all.

That truth is that we are divine souls having a human experience.

We are created by the Universe and we are connected to this source energy.

We are each miraculously unique individualisations of the greater whole and we are here to love, give, receive, create and play in our own unique way.

We are born worthy and deserving and enough.

The natural state of our spirit is love, joy, gratitude, peace, abundance and inspiration.

Miracles are natural. When we are aligned with our inner spirit and in the flow of life we are naturally uplifted to the greatest good.

We are here to blossom. To enjoy and appreciate the beauty and adventures of this world of time and space. To co-create our soul desires with the Universe.

We are here to love. This includes loving ourselves as well as others.

I am here to be the spark that wakes you back up to what you already know in your soul and the lighthouse you turn to when you need light and love.

My services

I provide free articles, videos and weekly wisdom and inspiration.

I provide teachings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

I provide online courses and personalised one-on-one life coaching.

I also give regular live talks in Sydney and around the world.

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My story

Rumi wrote: I am like the moon. You will see me with a new face every day.

I believe our spirit is limitless and constantly expanding and we are free to recreate ourselves in any moment. Our truth and story is constantly evolving.

However, if you are really curious to know more about my human side, here goes!

I wake up at 5.55 am every day to meditate in the morning stillness.

I love my morning coffee. You can buy me a coffee here.

I love travelling to new places (especially Italy).

I love Mexican food and could eat it for every meal.

I love nature walks and beach time.

I love words, quotes and books.

I love dancing, yoga, sunrises, sunsets, fresh flowers, deep conversations, the moon, notebooks, adventures, markets, cooking and music by the National.

I live in Australia with my husband. I adore my coaching business. I am blessed with gorgeous friends and a sunshine-nature-beach lifestyle.

I have been in love with philosophy and the meaning of life since I was five years old.

However it has been a long journey to where I am today.

A few years ago I was asleep to my true divine nature.

I was living a life that looked good on paper but I was empty inside.

I was dating the wrong man, working in a career that didn’t fit my soul, hanging out with dissimilar friends, riding emotional rollercoasters, and run by fear and limiting beliefs.

By the grace of the Universe, I found the light.

I came across the wisdom and tools I needed to transform my inner world and change my outer world.

I still have days where I fall asleep, but I am living in the light more of the time.

It is such a blessing and gift to know my inner spirit and divinity, to feel connected to and supported by the Universe, to experience greater and greater levels of love, happiness and peace.

I want you to feel this way too. That is what inspires me daily. That is my why.

Love, blessings and miracles to you.

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