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I am looking for ambitious women who are ready to rise and own their dreams, self-love and worthiness.

Do you simply know deep down that you were born for more?

Do you long to jump out of bed with purpose, passion and sparkle?

Do you let self-doubt hold you back from believing in yourself and your dreams?

Do you watch other women who have success and worthiness and want to know their secret?

Are you ready to bust through the blocks and fears keeping you playing small?

Are you ready to become the worthy radiant magnetic woman you were born to be?

Are you ready to step into your authentic truth and power and take inspired action?

Are you ready to take your life or business to the next level?

Are you ready to create a success mindset and elevate your vibration?

Are you ready to learn how to manifest your desires with ease and grace?

Then angel, you are in the right place!

You know deep down there are dreams on your heart to create.

You know that being a bitch to yourself is not a success or happiness strategy.

You are done with settling for less and ready to raise your standards.

You are done with comparison and ready to own your uniqueness.

You are ready to step into the highest potential version of you.

You are ready to create powerful beliefs and rock a new vibration.

You are ready for radical self-love and goddess worthiness.

You are ready for clarity on your purpose and desires.

You are ready to reconnect with your power and pleasure as a woman.

You are ready to listen to your heart soul and intuition more.

You want to have the badass confidence and self-belief to take inspired action.

You want to drop the struggle and use your feminine energy to achieve more in the flow.

You want to learn how to manifest the love, abundance or success with ease and grace.

You deserve all of this, and more!

Girl, I feel you. I know what it’s like to read all the self-help books but still not change.

To have big dreams and gifts to give the world, but also experience self-doubt and overwhelm on the way to them.

To see other women who have badass confidence and radiance and want to be like them.

To settle for the wrong career path, relationships, foods and friendships.

To not feel totally worthy of your deepest desires and freedom lifestyle.

I used to be a lawyer working long hours, dating the wrong guy for 8-years, with a lack mentality and low self-esteem.

Deep down I felt a calling inside of me to listen to my truth, align with my highest self, and co-create my wildest dreams.

So I did the work. I busted through the stories and fears keeping me stuck. I changed the way I showed up in the world.

I got crystal clear on my vision, mission and desires. I replaced self-judgment and not-enough-ness with self-love and worthiness.

I discovered the magnetism of authenticity, the glamour of feminine worthiness, and the magic of mindset and manifestation.

I met the right mentors, and found the courage to take inspired action to create my life and business goals and dreams.

Now I wake up with passion and purpose. I have created a career and business I love that uses my gifts and serves people.

I travel the world, have inspiring soul sister friends, and manifest fun miracles daily. I have a hot soulful husband who believes in me and buys me flowers.

I have the social confidence to go to networking events, give talks and write my first book. I am creatively expressing my truth daily through my writing and courses.

I still have limiting beliefs come up, but I know how to deal with them with love. I balance my masculine and feminine energies for less hustle and more flow.

I have created a website with 50k views a month, and my heroes Mike Dooley and Arianna Huffington now share my work.

This shy country girl decided to drop the stories, raise her standards and own her sparkle. You can do it to. Creating a life of magic and miracles is your birthright.

You just need to give yourself permission to be yourself. Own your feminine worthiness. And get into alignment with your dreams and desires.

Why coaching and mentoring?

I know how confusing it can be to take this journey to your authentic truth, worthiness and manifesting on your own.

Sometimes we need support when we are stepping into the next level of our dreams and desires.

When we are learning to love and believe in ourselves, and raise our confidence and worthiness ten million percent.

A coach and mentor can help you set goals that are aligned with your deepest desires and unique soul purpose.

They can help you identify your limiting beliefs and elevate your mindset and how you show up in the world.

They can hold you to your highest potential badass self and keep you accountable to taking inspired action.

I will provide you with the principles and tools that have worked miracles in my mindset and life.

I have found having a coach or mentor has been instrumental in elevating my clarity, self-confidence and success.

It is also a whole bunch of fun, love and magic to have a soul sister and mentor to support you as you rise.

Clients who have worked with me have manifested money and holidays, changed careers, taken massive action in their business, raised their standards, stopped people pleasing, dated amazing men, discovered crazy self-love and worthiness, and more.

Your program will be tailored to your unique goals and needs, but we may focus on:

Getting crystal clear on your next level goals and desires.

Tools to bust through blocks and fears keeping you stuck.

Reprogramming your subconscious mind for success.

Radical self-love and being your own number one.

Turn your worthiness on and become a magnetic woman.

Embodying the highest potential version of you.

Unlocking your feminine power pleasure and presence.

Balancing your masculine and feminine energies.

Creating an abundance mentality around money.

Filling your cup and giving from the overflow.

Badass self-belief and confidence to do the things you want.

Getting into alignment and raising your vibration daily.

How to manifest your deepest desires with ease and grace.

Creating boundaries and raising your energetic standards.

Your authenticity is sexy and self-expression in the world.

Following your heart and intuition and taking inspired action.

The tools for daily mindset and manifestation work.


If you are a coach or biz babe, we can also focus on areas like:

Running a soulful business in alignment with your truth.

Your purpose, mission and message.

Your unique soul gifts and your ideal clients or customers.

Creating transformational packages and programs.

Authentic marketing that feels fun and magnetic.

Getting more done with less struggle and overwhelm.

Owning your worthiness and embodying your higher self.

Option: 3 Month VIP Coaching Package

Want to dive deep into your vision, dreams, mindset and manifestation, and have ongoing support? Plus access to my best life-changing programs? This VIP program is for you.

▲ 3 x 60 minute coaching calls per month.

▲ 9 coaching calls in total (value $2000+).

▲ Welcome packet to help you gain clarity on your goals and desires for the program.

▲ An email summary of our call each week.

▲ Weekly homework and workbooks as required.

▲ Unlimited email or messenger support with me during your program (value $800).

Bonus: Access to modules of my programs including Manifest Magic, Self Love Queens, and Coaches Mastermind (value $1021).

Calls will be conducted via phone or Zoom. You can be anywhere in the world.

Ready to start? You can apply for a complimentary Discovery Call here or email elyse[at]

We will discuss your needs and desires, and we can explore if my coaching program is the right fit for you. 

Option: 6 Session Alignment Package

Need a life or business boost? This mini package is for you.

▲ 6 x 60 minute coaching calls held weekly or biweekly.

Your program will be tailored to your unique needs, but here is an example of what we might cover:

>> Getting your life in alignment with YOUR unique soul, gifts, purpose, passions and dreams.

>> Creating your own alignment practices and habits to create a high vibration.

>> We will look at your beliefs and reprogram your mindset for success.

>> We will look at self-love, adding more pleasure to your life, and raising your standards.

>> We will look at the art of manifestation and how to take inspired action towards your goals.

▲ Welcome packet to help you gain clarity on your goals.

▲ Weekly homework and workbooks as required.

▲ Email or messenger support for your program.

Calls will be conducted via phone or Zoom. You can be anywhere in the world.

Ready to start? You can apply for a complimentary Discovery Call here or email elyse[at]

We will discuss your needs and desires, and we can explore if my coaching program is the right fit for you. 

About Elyse

Elyse Santilli is a writer and qualified life coach from Australia. Read her story here.

Her mission is to help people love themselves and create their best lives, through worthiness, fierce authenticity and manifestation principles. Her work blends manifesting and philosophy with life coaching, science and psychology.

Elyse has worked with hundreds of clients, her teachings are regularly featured internationally in the Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Tut and Thrive, and her blog receives over 50,000 views per month. She is a graduate of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

You are the Goddess CEO of your life. You are being called back to your purpose, power, pleasure, worthiness and magic.

Want to chat further before booking?

1. The first step is to fill out the application. This will help me learn more about you.

2. Once the application is submitted, we will set up a complimentary Discovery Call.

3. After the call, we will determine the next steps.

4. You will be scheduled 2-3 sessions per month, with one week per month for integration and relaxation.

5. Step into your highest potential and create an authentic magical life.


Still have questions?

Email or message me on Facebook.

To your self love and dreams, gorgeous. xx

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