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life coaching

Does this sound familiar?

+ You feel a niggling sense of emptiness like there could be more to your precious life.

+ You’re confused about your purpose, passions and what you really want.

+ You may have incredible goals and dreams, but you feel stuck and unsure how to make them a reality.

+ Your inner critic criticises you and points out your flaws and unworthiness.

+ You compare yourself to other people and worry about what you should be doing instead of what lights you up.

+ You feel disconnected from your soul, stressed or overwhelmed from not taking time for your most precious asset – you!

+ You want to change but could use loving guidance and personalised support.


Beautiful soul, you deserve more. 

You deserve:

+ Crystal clear clarity on your purpose, passions and what you want.

+ To take inspired action on those goals and dreams of yours.

+ A mentor and cheerleader to help you with strategy and mindset.

+ To discover your unique values, passions and gifts.

+ Time for you and self-care rituals to bring out your true radiance.

+ Self-love and worthiness and to finally love who you are!

+ To feel connected to your soul, intuition and inner wisdom.

+ Authentic confidence and motivation to achieve what you want.

+ Tools to tame your inner critic for more daily joy and inner peace.

+ Freedom from the fears and limiting beliefs holding you back.

+ Wisdom to get in touch with your feminine goddess and natural cycles.

+ Manifesting principles to create magic and miracles.

+ Support to kickstart your blog, business or new passionate career.

+ To raise your standards and call in loving relationships and friendships.

+ To jump out of bed to a life filled with clarity, purpose, ease and joy.

Coaching can support you achieve your potential and design a beautiful life you love.

Words from past clients…


Before working with Elyse, I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and make progress with my blog and writing career.

Elyse helped me address the fears that were holding me back, and create space for new opportunities in my life. I was unexpectedly offered a writing job, and received numerous interview and guest posting requests for the first time ever!

Since working with Elyse, I have reignited my meditation practice, I’m sleeping better, I have more patience with my kids, and I’ve lost 3kg by eating more mindfully.

Elyse has a wealth of knowledge about philosophy, spirituality and personal growth.

I would absolutely recommend Elyse! If you’re considering taking up coaching with Elyse, I can confidently say you should go for it!


Working with Elyse has been fantastic, a life changing experience! I could not recommend her highly enough.

Elyse is a beautiful soul, a great mentor and a very passionate coach. In just few sessions with her warm gentle approach, her positivity, compassion and support Elyse was able to help me find full clarity and confidence.

I felt connected, inspired, motivated and clear on how and what actions I needed to take in order to move forward on solving long time personal issues and in a professional level to fulfil my dream goals. Truly amazing!

Elyse has also taught me to live life with a more positive approach and from a place of gratitude.

Read more words from clients right here.

What can you expect from coaching?


Let me properly introduce myself. My name is Elyse Santilli.

I am a graduate of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy life coaching course.

I am also a feature writer for The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green and Tut on happiness, soul, self-love, purpose and dreams.

You are a once-in-humankind blend of desires, gifts, interests and quirks, so coaching is tailored to your specific needs.

Together we will get clear on what’s missing from your life and what your heart truly desires for your precious life. Once we are clear on your goals, I will guide you to action them with ease and confidence.

Coaching is a safe space for you to explore your dreams and happiness. I will help you uncover any stories keeping you stuck, create new empowering perspectives, create confidence and motivation, and create daily habits.

My coaching generally covers:

+ Your inner world (like discovering your values, gifts, passions, purpose, self-love, worthiness, confidence, happiness and inner peace)

+ Your outer world (your biggest dreams and goals, relationships, career, starting a blog or business, wellbeing, wealth, creativity, spirituality and any other life area important to you).

I specialise in the following life areas: life purpose and passion + goals and dreams + self-love and worthiness + loving relationships + manifesting practices + soul connection + creating authentic confidence.

I blend my life coaching qualifications with positive psychology and soulful principles. I also have my own transformational workbooks, practical tools and exercises to support you.

Themes we may cover:

Inner Critic

Taming your inner critic and becoming more present.


Create life balance and rituals for more inner peace.


Principles to help you with manifesting and abundance.

Soul Connection

Connect with your soul, intuition and inner wisdom.


Set inspiring goals and take action to achieve them.

Self Doubt

Cultivate true authentic confidence and belief.

Life Purpose

Discover your purpose, values, gifts and passions.


Dissolve self-sabotaging patterns holding you back.

Limiting Beliefs

Let go of the limiting stories holding you back.

Self Love

Master the art of self-love, self-care and worthiness.


Heal your past wounds and find emotional harmony.


Call in the loving relationship or friendships you crave.

Life Coaching + Mentoring Packages

Beautiful Life Spark

This one-month power package is perfect to get unstuck, gain clarity on your dreams and goals, and uncover your inner spark.

You get:

:: Pre-coaching questionnaire to dive deep into what you need

:: 3 x coaching sessions (60 minutes) over 1 month

:: Access to my resource vault and worksheets as needed

:: Email support as you need between sessions

:: An end-of-series plan for the next stage of your beautiful life

Your investment:

450 dollars (payment plan available).

All sessions via Skype (you can be anywhere in the world).


Beautiful Life Transformation

On this three month journey we will work together to get you clear on what you want + work towards your inspiring goals + create a balanced life in alignment with your values + create nourishing habits.

You get:

:: Pre-coaching questionnaire to dive deep into what you need

:: 6 x coaching sessions (60 minutes) biweekly

:: Access to my resource vault and worksheets as needed

:: Email support as you need between sessions

:: An end-of-series plan for the next stage of your beautiful life

Your investment:

280 per month (for 3 months).

All sessions via Skype (you can be anywhere in the world).


Ready to book in?

The first step is to book in for a complimentary 20-minute Discovery Session.

We will discuss what you would love support with, and we can explore if my coaching program is the right fit for you.

You can also book by emailing me at elyse[at]

You can also email me with any questions you may have.

I am excited to meet you, beautiful soul!